CEC Palace in Bucharest

When you visit Bucharest for the first time, they will undoubtedly tell you to start your tour with Calea Victoriei and with good cause. Calea Victoriei is one of the oldest avenues in Bucharest and is dotted with centuries-old buildings in various architectural styles. The CEC Palace is probably the most amazing among them, so please take your time to walk around examining its most impressive...


Traditional Romanian Architecture

For a long part of its history, Romania fought for existence sandwiched between rival empires. The three main provinces that make up modern Romania, namely Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania, were for centuries under the influence of the Ottoman or the Austro-Hungarian empires, which left a mark on the country’s architecture. There is no one style that can be defined as purely Romanian architecture....


Bucharest Architectural Landmarks

When you arrive in Bucharest, prepare yourself for a trip through history as the Romanian capital is dotted by architectural gems reminding of long gone times. More than a century ago, Bucharest prided itself as being a Little Paris and if you walk down the large tree-shaded boulevards downtown you will see why. There are plenty of richly-decorated Art Nouveau buildings rubbing shoulders with Art Deco...

park with a lake in autumn

Best Parks in Bucharest

Bucharest might not be the greenest European capital on an area per capita basis, but it is still has a fair amount of parks and public gardens. Open day and night, they offer an escape from the daily hassle, clean air, and the chance to rewind. Herastrau Park While the park was recently renamed to honor the last Romania king, Mihai I, who passed away recently, locals still refer to it as Herastrau....


Cotroceni Palace

Bucharest is not only a modern city, but it is also filled with history. On every street and in every neighborhood you can find a building that tells stories, and one of them is the Cotroceni Palace. While you are in Bucharest, make sure you take a day to visit it; you will not regret. The Cotroceni Palace is the home of the President of Romania, but even so a part of it is open for visitation since 27 of...


Triumphal Arch

Arcul de Triumf (the Arch of Triumph) is one of Bucharest most representative monuments. It is not just the preferred photo shoot scene of thousands of local brides, but also an important part of Romania’s culture and history. Located in the northern part of Bucharest, on the Kiseleff Road, this monumental arch marks the historical moment when Romania gained its independence, in 1878. The initial “Arc...


Tepes Castle in Bucharest

If you ever find yourself simply walking through Carol Park and you have enough time on your hands to discover a less common tourist attraction, with a medieval appearance and gorgeously built out of red bricks, then be prepared to be surprised. Right in the center of the park there is the Water Tower that was built by the architects Stefan Burcus and V. Stephanescu in 1906, to commemorate 40 years from...


The Old Princely Court

The Old Princely Court was the first Royal Court built in Bucharest. Initially, it included a Palace, a church, spaces meant for servants and the royal gardens. We know only a few details about the Court’s founder, but according to historical researchers who have studied the history of Bucharest, it was built by Mircea cel Batran. Today, the Old Princely Court is an outdoor museum which hosts quite often...


Eco Housing Is Slowly Taking Over Bucharest

While Romania has long had a small to irrelevant eco housing market, these last couple of years have seen the emergence and growth of eco-friendly constructions and even some large scale projects which will set Romania on the right track when it comes to its carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is described as the entire amount of pollution produced by a person’s interaction with the environment. This...


Bucharest Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament, also known as People's House (Casa Poporului), is a wonderful tourist attraction for those who are visiting Bucharest. It has a rich history and many hidden secrets, which might not be mentioned by your tour guide. Are you curious to find out what those are? Keep reading about this very extravagant and expensive administrative building. The construction work for the Palace...

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