Guide to Investing in Real Estate During Inflation

Navigating the complex world of real estate through inflation can be mind-boggling. And while no one can estimate what our future will bring, lately, there’s been a lot of talk about inflation coming, and the economy taking a turn for the worst. Understandably, that’s got a lot of people out there wondering how that impacts their real estate prospects in the next, say, couple of years. In an attempt...


How to Obtain NIF in Romania

If you’re planning to buy real estate in Romania you will owe taxes to the Romanian state and, in order to pay them, you will need to get a tax identification number. That’s usually called TIN in English-speaking countries, but in Romania it's called NIF, which means basically the same thing.  The Romanian tax authority goes by the name of ANAF and, while not as scary as the IRS, they’ll still be...


5 Rules For Successful Real Estate Investment

The real estate market, like all the economy, took a serious hit from the 2020 pandemic and we don’t know what lies ahead. Investing in real estate is always a good choice, people need housing no matter what, but you must be very wise about it. Here are five essential rules to guide you through these difficult times.   Study the market and keep an eye on it   Real estate is not like...

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