H Pipera Lake Residential Project


If you are planning to relocate to Bucharest and need a place to stay, H Pipera Lake Residential Project might be just the thing you need. A brand new home in a brand new exclusive community, offering you the best living conditions anywhere in the Romanian capital. Here are just a few reasons why H Pipera Lake Residential Project is a wonderful choice for someone moving to Bucharest or looking to invest in Pipera area.

Excellent Location

Over the past two decades, most development projects have been focused on the northern part of the city, a quiet zone, far from inner city pollution and traffic, yet offering easy access to downtown Bucharest.

The northern part of the city, especially the Pipera area, is the new business hub of Bucharest, with many major corporations having moved their HQ there.

An apartment to suit every need

The H Pipera Lake Residential Project is a a gated community with 17 buildings, each of them 6-story high, and underground parking space. The project aims at offering each resident an apartment suitable to their needs. You can choose among studios, double studios and 1 or 2 bedroom flats. Each of them comes with its own terrace or garden so you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and relax after a hard day’s work.

Let’s have a look at each type of apartment available.

Studios have a total built space of 483 sq ft (44,95 square meters) and a living space of 400 sq ft (37, 19 square meters). The living room is 230 sq ft (21,39 sq m), while the kitchen is 90 sq ft (8,45 sq m), generous enough to accommodate a cozy dining area.

Double studios are similar in size to regular studios, but the space is planned as to allow for an open space living room and a distinct sleeping area.

One-bedroom apartments have a total built space of 624 sq ft (57,98 sq m) and a total living space of 561 sq ft (52.18 sq m). This type of apartment has a large living room of 230 sq ft (21.39 sq m), with a 147 sq ft (13.7 sq m) bedroom.

Two-bedroom apartments are very spacious with a total built space of 924 sq ft (85.86 sq m) and a living space of 761 sq ft (70.73 sq m). The living room is 230 sq ft (21,39 sq m), while the master bedroom is 148 sq ft (13.82 sq m).

Each apartment has a lovely terrace, but you might want to choose one that comes with a large 700 sq ft (65 sq m) garden, big enough to fit in an outdoor dining area and a playhouse for the kids.

High-quality furnishings

The developer of the project went to great length to ensure that all the apartments have high-end furnishings, including anti-slip tiled floor for the kitchen and bathroom as well as modern ceramic tiles for the walls. The other rooms have 0.33 inches (8-mm) laminated floors.

Each apartment has floor heating connected to the private gas-heating unit, so you can set the desired temperature for each room.

The apartments have metallic doors and PVC windows.

The bathrooms come fully equipped with high-quality bathtubs, shower cabins and accessories.

For the kitchens, you have all the utilities ready, all you need to do is pick the furniture that fits your style.

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Life in H Pipera Lake Residential Project

The best feature of this residential project the safety provided by the fact it is a gated community with 24/7 concierge service. It also offers plenty of green space for a nice walk as well as play areas for the children.

Pipera Lake is only 15 minutes away if you want to stretch your legs and relax in a quiet unpolluted space.

At the same time, you have quick access to the Promenada Mall, one of the best shopping malls in Bucharest. Or you can go downtown if you want.

If you’re interested in living in a modern and safe community in one of the best areas of Bucharest, do hurry up. The project will be ready by January 2021 and the apartments are selling fast.

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