Bucharest Nightlife

Being an urban agglomeration of over 4 million people, Bucharest has a vibrant night life providing both its inhabitants and the tourists with numerous opportunities to party every night. This may sound like an exaggeration when you think of the “grey city” image the Romanian capital has, but anyone living in a metropolis will tell you this is the way life goes in the big city.

Bucharest has several nightlife hotspots. Some are more popular with a certain age and lifestyle category. In the neighborhood called Regie, for instance, pubs and nightclubs work around the clock, especially during the academic year. This is Bucharest’s largest campus. Therefore, if you want to meet the young population of the Romanian capital, there are plenty of choices in this area. MAXX and Dumars are legendary names, but be aware: MAXX is not open during the weekend, while Dumars opens its doors each evening from Wednesday to Saturday. Taboo, Princess, Texas, Pub18 and Blue Night are other clubs you can visit in this area.

Known for their extravagant decor, beautiful girls and exorbitant prices, Bamboo and Fratelli are two famous names for party goers. During the summer, Bamboo moves to an outdoor location in Herastrau. This fancy club is where you will meet Bucharest’s most popular girls, listen to the latest hits and have fun until the early hours of morning. Bamboo has been one of Bucharest’s nightlife top hotspots for quite some years already, but the place continues to maintain its popularity.

Fratelli Club
Fratelli Club

A tourist attraction any time of the day or of the night, Bucharest’s Old Center is also a very popular party location with the locals, as well as with tourists. While in the morning you will see here people enjoying their coffee leisurely and in the afternoon beer rules the atmosphere, as soon as the night takes over, it’s time for a party. The best known names in this area are Bordelos, Interbelic, Fredo, Club Fire and Vintage Pub. Here the parties usually start on Wednesday night and Saturday is the culmination of social life.

If you are into the music of the 60’s or 70’s, Oldies Club is the right venue for you. Hits that were never forgotten heat up the dance floor and delight the ears of those who prefer to stay on the club’s comfortable sofas. For house music fans, Bucharest has some glamorous club like Kristal Glam Club and Studio Martin. The gay community has not been forgotten and the first such club to have opened in Bucharest is Queen’s Club. Silver Church is a name any rock music lover should know when visiting the city.

Kristal Glam Club
Kristal Glam Club

In a nutshell, Bucharest has everything for everyone. When it comes to parties, the Romanian capital city is a top location. Anyone will tell you that! Whether you choose to party in Regie, Lipscani or Herastrau, it’s totally up to you, but the night will certainly pass quickly and you will make loads of friends.

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