What To Do If You Suspect You Have COVID-19 Symptoms In Bucharest?

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, it is only natural to have questions and concerns. And the most reliable sources of information for COVID-19 in Bucharest remain the ones from the public authorities such as the National Institute of Public Health Romania and TELVERDE 0800 800 358.

Since we’re here to help you stay healthy and informed, we shared next a comprehensive guide on what to do if you suspect you have COVID-19 symptoms in Bucharest. Let’s see what you need to do to protect yourself and those around you!

About Coronavirus: Which Symptoms Should You Pay Close Attention To?

Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly identified coronavirus. Most people infected with this virus will experience mild to moderate symptoms, such as respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms. However, older people and those suffering from a health problem such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or diabetes are at a higher risk of getting COVID-19.

Keep in mind that coronavirus can affect different people in distinct ways. Most patients have mild to moderate symptoms, meaning that they will recover without hospitalization. Most common COVID-19 symptoms:

  • dry cough
  • fever
  • tiredness

Still, there are some less common symptoms of coronavirus infection, include:

  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • diarrhea
  • conjunctivitis
  • headache
  • loss of taste or smell
  • a rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes

Medical experts advise that if you have the following severe symptoms indicating a COVID-19 infection:

  • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • chest pain or pressure
  • loss of speech or movement

Which Are The Best Prevention Measures To Slow Transmission Of COVID-19?

Of course, there are safety measures you can use to limit your potential exposure to coronavirus in Bucharest. According to official health regulations, you ca slow COVID-19 transmission and prevent infection by doing the following:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, or clean them with an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between you and people coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your face, and wear your face mask adequately.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell.
  • Refrain from smoking and other activities that weaken the lungs.
  • Practice physical distancing by avoiding unnecessary travel and staying away from large groups of people.

So, What To Do If You Suspect You Have COVID-19 Symptoms?

If you’re in Bucharest, but not only, it is more than necessary to pay close attention to your suspected coronavirus infection symptoms. Maybe you believe you have some of the symptoms, or perhaps you just found out a person you’ve been in contact with just tested positive for COVID-19. No matter the situation you’re in, it is highly recommended to proceed with caution.

Romania’s Health Ministry warns that if you have a cough or a fever, you need to seek medical advice as soon as possible since these are the most common coronavirus symptoms.

Step 1: Isolate Yourself And Ask For Medical Advice

This means that a patient with visible signs of acute respiratory infection must remain indoors and isolate himself from other family members. It is a vital step for limiting COVID-19 from spreading to your loved ones.

So, if you’re in Bucharest and suspect you might’ve caught the virus, you need to avoid any type of contact with others, remain indoors and call an ambulance at 112.

Step 2: Sharing Your Concerns To The Paramedics

After calling the ambulance, you should remain in isolation until the paramedics arrive. Also, it might be helpful to write a list of the symptoms that concern you. Most people tend to forget critical details when rushing to share their ailments with a paramedic!

So, after paramedics arrive at your location, you’ll receive a medical exam on-site. They will determine whether you’re symptom are mild. This means that if you have mild coronavirus symptoms, you’ll be tested, and your sample will be redirected to the DSP’s office. You will have to remain indoors until their team will reach out and share your test results. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing concerning COVID-19 infection symptoms, you’ll be taken to the hospital, where the medical staff will try to limit the damage done by the disease, and they will test for the virus.

Step 3: Staying Indoors After Being Diagnosed With Mild COVID-19 Symptoms

This is a vital step you shouldn’t ignore! Even though your symptoms are mild, you are contagious and can spread the virus to those next to you.

After the paramedics instructed you to self-isolate until the DSP’s office reaches out with your test results, you shouldn’t leave the premises of your home!

Step 4: Testing Positive For Coronavirus 

When the DSP’s office reaches out and confirms you tested positive for COVID-19, they will redirect you to the ambulance service. You’ll be scheduled for an evaluation at one of Bucharest’s hospitals based on the severity of your symptoms.

Hence, if you have mild symptoms or no coronavirus infection symptoms, the doctor will recommend isolation at home or at the hospital based on your evaluation. However, if your symptoms are concerning or severe, you’ll be hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Your doctor establishes the hospitalization time, and you can’t overrule it.

Step 5: Getting a COVID-free diagnosis

If you don’t need hospitalization because you don’t exhibit coronavirus symptoms, you’ll have to isolate yourself for 14 days according to DSP’s instructions. Your family doctor will determine whether you’re cured and inform the DSP’s office. Keep in mind that this doctor will reach out daily via phone so that he documents your health status and potential modifications.

If you’re hospitalized due to a COVID-19 infection, only the medical staff in the hospital will decide when you can leave. This can imply several coronavirus testing, following strict medical procedures, and complying with medical advice at all times.

Final Word

This is what you need to do about coronavirus in Bucharest. Make sure you follow at all times the safety measures communicated by the Ministry of Health! And, of course, if you suspect you might’ve been infected with COVID-19, reach out to local authorities as soon as possible!

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