Best Places with Live Music in Bucharest

Like any other European capital city, Bucharest has a wide range of entertainment options, ranging from night clubs, theaters and restaurants to live music places and coffee shops. If you are a music lover, here are a few place where you can see your local idols live performing on scene:

OAR Garden

 Gradina Oar

A green oasis right in the heart of the capital, OAR garden is situated on Arthur Verona Street, at no. 19. This nice place where you spend late and hot summer nights detaching yourself from the daily worries is also one of the best places with live music in Bucharest.

The entire yard is covered with grass, and the lawn is well maintained throughout the season. The tables are placed in the shade of huge trees, and around the tables you will find comfortable sofas and chairs, inviting you to sit here with a glass of wine and enjoy the music. Jazz evenings are a regular presence on Garden OAR’s agenda. Besides jazz, at OAR Garden you can find from time to time a photo exhibition, or handmade fair. Such events are always in tune with the style of the garden – a non-conformist and unplugged atmosphere.

Hard Rock Cafe


Located in Bucharest’s largest park and featuring a generous surface of over 1500 square meters, Hard Rock Cafe is not only the largest European coffee shop of the chain, but also one of the best live music places in Bucharest. With an inside seating capacity of 300 people and 150 seats on the terrace, Hard Rock Cafe is a nice place for a concert. Check the agenda or subscribe to their newsletter and keep yourself informed with the upcoming concerts. You will surprised to see on the list top local and international names.

La Mia Musica

 la mia musica

La Mia Musica is a new restaurant concept which offers not only delicious food, but also live music nights in a stylish decor. If you want to taste dishes concocted by the Italian chef, Liberti Vincenzo and listen to some of the best music in town, book your table at La Mia Musica Ristorante. This is a place for refined people where you can choose between a jazz evening, a cafe concert, blues, rock, stand-up comedy as well as magic shows. Everything is planned carefully for your best entertainment!

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  • Gary Smoch

    I am a Canadian musician Could put me in touch with someone where I could send a video of exactly how I sound and perform live I am a lefthanded guitarist but I play bass pedals at the same time.I know many genres ,country ,blues, classic rock,country rock,Regae,swing,folk, and original.I don’t know anyone to get a hold of maybe you could help out.Gary Smoch


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