Lvmen est omen at Romanian Peasant’s Museum

Throughout the months of July and August, you can visit at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest an interesting exhibition intriguingly called “Lvmen est omen”. The opening event took place on July 3rd and the exhibition is organized in close collaboration by a number of cultural Romanian and international institutions like Transylvania’s Ethnographic Museum from Cluj, Romanian Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest, Brukenthal National Museum from Sibiu,  Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization from Deva, Research Institute of Eco-museum  from Tulcea, Astra Museum from Sibiu and the Museum of Art and History from Geneva. Before this exhibition will close its doors on August 31st, you can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 AM and 6 PM in Foaier Hall of Romanian Peasant’s Museum.

Muzeului Naţional al Ţăranului Român

This exhibition is an interesting idea if you are looking for an educational yet fun activity for your kids’ summer vacation. Nevertheless, the exhibition is also appealing to adults willing to know more about the field of electricity and its evolution on the Romanian territory.

Organized in four sections, the exhibition allows visitors to discover the role that light holds in our everyday life, on its different aspects (religious, professional, and even festive). It’s a cultural event inviting to a deeper reflection on the symbolic value of this physical phenomenon, and on the social impact of artificial lighting.

The whole idea behind this exhibition is to illustrate the evolution of lighting on five continents through a selection of photographs and documents, dating from ancient times until the advent of electricity. You can admire there more than three hundred exhibits, including lamps, lanterns and chandeliers, all with an educative purpose, but keeping an eye on the aesthetic side as well as on the playful one.

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