Lasertag Arena

Do you want a fun activity for both you and your family which is both safe, close to home, physically demanding, yet indoors? If the answer is yes then perhaps you should consider playing some lasertag, and what better place to try out your lasertag skills than Lasertag Arena.

It can be found in Bucharest’s Sector 6, near Morii Lake on the outskirts of Bucharest, this location is perfect for a fun yet safe time. The entrance can be easily seen as it is located right next to Sema Park. You can reach Lasertag Arena by bus, personal vehicle or subway. Petrache Poenaru subway station is located a stone’s throw away while the 601 bus will leave you just as close.

Lasertag is a fun group activity which can be done with friends or strangers. During your session you will be basically playing soldier and trying to overcome your adversaries in a number of witty, fun games and challenges. Unlike paintball, this activity takes place inside and involves no physical risks whatsoever as there are no real projectiles being used to “shoot” the other team’s members.

An advanced software and scanning system keeps score, registering every shot and delivering a relevant, flawless statistic when the gameplay is over. This fun activity can be undertaken by groups of friends, families or can be a fantastic team building activity and is often used as an event in corporate games.

As there is basically no dangerous activities involved in lasertag children can also play. This can be an ideal way to celebrate a birthday party or a class event.

Tariffs range depending on the number of people, the number of games and the duration of your session. A ten minute session will cost 10 Ron per person with a second game costing only 9 Ron. A 15 minute game will cost 15 Ron per person and 12 Ron for the second game while a 20 minute session will cost 20 Ron and 16 Ron for the second game.

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All the equipment is state of the art and ensures that you will have the best time possible in a safe and comfortable manner. There is no dress code required as any equipment given out by Lasertag Arena staff is minimal and consists of the laser weapon and the optical sensor used to count hits, misses and make-up the endgame statistics.

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