Bucharest Skydiving

If you want a truly exciting experience, one that combines the outdoors with a new way of pushing your limits then perhaps you should try out skydiving. While at first it may seem like the kind of hobby only 20-something youngsters do as dare, skydiving has grown in popularity to the point where pensioners, people with physical disabilities and even children (under parental and professional supervision) are trying out this astonishing sport.

If you want to escape from Bucharest hectic pace, yet not have to travel for too long in order to enjoy this amazing experience you should definitely check out Skydiving Center, located just 17 km outside Bucharest on the DN6/E70 highway from Bucharest to Alexandria, right at the entrance to Cornetu village. Once in the area, simply look for the Aerodromul Clinceni sign and that will take you to the “Aurel Vlaicu” Aeroclub.

The team of young professionals you will find here have thousands of jumps and offer a range of activities that will allow just about anyone to test their limits, get over their fears and have an amazing experience. Skydiving Center offers a number of possible jumps including Tandem Jumps, accelerated fall jumps (AFF) or jumps with automatic deployment (Static Line).

All the equipment as well as all instructions you will receive at Skydiving Center represent the latest innovations in the field guaranteeing you will have a pleasant and safe experience. All Skydiving Center instructors have received their international licensing as well as the license from the Autoritatea Aeronautica Civila Romana.

In order to offer the most accessible service to all possible visitors, Skydiving Center operates during weekends and legal holidays, facilitating access to all those who want to try out this amazing sport.

Tariffs vary, yet the price for a jump is 100 Ron with the addition of renting the equipment, which costs 50 Ron per jump while plying of the main and secondary parachute also costs 25 respectively 130 Ron.

Visitors also have the option of a tandem jump (jump with the instructor) which costs 680 Ron as well as the option to film the experience on the CD/DVD for 220 Ron. The maximum weight of the passenger should be 90 kg for this price range. For a weigh which goes up to 110 kg an added 50 Ron is required while for 130 kg and over an added 100 Ron will be requested. For groups of 5 or larger a 10 percent discount is applied.

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