Old City


CEC Palace in Bucharest

When you visit Bucharest for the first time, they will undoubtedly tell you to start your tour with Calea Victoriei and with good cause. Calea Victoriei is one of the oldest avenues in Bucharest and is dotted with centuries-old buildings in various architectural styles. The CEC Palace is probably the most amazing among them, so please take your time to walk around examining its most impressive...

picture of cec palace and bucharest old city center at night

Bucharest Old City

Every city has an ‘old center’. This is usually a part of the city itself where the architecture has been preserved as it was tens of years ago and which people are trying to advertise as the ‘heart and soul’ of it. The ‘old city’ in Bucharest is much more than that: it looks and feels like a mini version of Romania. The Old City in Bucharest is a marvelous rather small place crammed up...


Hanul cu Tei (The Linden Tree Inn)

The Linden Tree Inn is one of the few historical inns from Bucharest’s center that are still in their initial condition. Due to its unique architecture and vintage atmosphere that revive the charm of old Bucharest, a visit within its walls equals a wonderful walk back in time, to be more specific, in the ‘30s when culture, music and good food blended in the most refined possible way. This is one of the...


Absintherie Sixtina

Sixtina Absintherie is one of the coolest bars for those who want to drink absinthe and want to have fun in an alternative environment. The bar is located in Bucharest’s historical centre in Piata Unirii. You will find it at the top floor of a beautiful old building on Covaci Street. If you want something truly special, this is where you should hang out during your trip to Bucharest. The bar stands out...

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