Manuc’s Inn

Manuc’s Inn is one of those fascinating places where you can have fun and immerse yourself in a lovely historical atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a glass of good wine or eat some of the most delicious traditional Romanian dishes.

Located in a great area in Bucharest right next to Unirii Square, Manuc’s Inn features 3 levels and allows those coming here to discover its history through the vintage items that create its unique decor.

The establishment is comprised of many restaurants and other bars such as Manuc Levantim, a Lebanese restaurant, Manuc Bistro, a traditional Romanian bistro along with the spacious Manuc Restaurant, the terrace, its gardens, the “Voievodal” saloon, and the wine cellar.

If you want something tasty, don’t hesitate to try the smoked ribs and vegetable soup or the delicious Dracula chicken. These are just a few of the numerous and tasty treats you can find here. The desserts are also quite wonderful and include, among others: an orange chocolate cake, ice cream profiteroles, summer berry cake and, its signature dessert, the carrot, ginger, walnuts cake. The menu is usually an eclectic mix between Romanian traditional cuisine and bistro style food. All these can be enjoyed with a selection of fine drinks such as Romanian wines and ales, as well as cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

The restaurant has a turbulent and interesting history behind it and it’s one of the oldest establishments of its kind in Bucharest. Its name comes from its previous owner, Manuc Bei, the man who made this establishment so popular. After his death, the Inn is greatly damaged during an earthquake and it takes several years before it is renovated. In 1861 it’s bought by Lambru Vasilescu who renovates and changes its name into Grand Hotel de la Dacie. All the important events of Bucharest were held here including balls and all kinds of parties. There was even a famous orchestra playing led by Austrian composer and violinist Ludovic Wiest.

The building has seen many historical moments including the singing of the Treaty of Bucharest in 1812, which actually took place inside the Inn.

The last renovation took place in 2009 and brought back its interesting historical appeal. People come here to have a glimpse of how life was in the 19th century. Whether you choose the high end restaurant or the small bistro, you will certainly have a wonderful time and enjoy the interesting atmosphere.

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