Jimmy Carr Show

If you are looking to have while travelling to Bucharest, the Jimmy Carr show on June 3rd might be just what you need. The show takes place at Sala Palatului and will be part of the tour called Gagging Order. Those who will be attending the event will need to be there on 03 June 2015 at 20:00.

Jimmy Carr is known for his dry and sometimes dark humor but most importantly he makes the crowd laugh with his great edgy and controversial one-liners. The subjects that are often approached are politics, sex, gender differences, celebrities and various events. Besides being a comedian, Jimmy Carr is also an actor, writer and radio and TV presenter and started having success with his stand up gig in 2000. Since then, he appeared on a number of international shows and starting developing a fan base in Romania.

Jimmy Carr was born in an Irish Family in Hounslow London and became a small celebrity through various TV Shows such as Distraction or Your Face or Mine. The comedian started getting more media coverage and was invited to popular TV shows such as Top Gear or The Panel and, along with his dedication for comedy, his entertainment career took off pretty soon.

He appears frequently on popular shows such as Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central Specials or Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He also received numerous awards for the Best Stand Up and the Funniest Man from LAFTA as well as a Best On-Screen Newcomer from the Royal Television Society.

One of his projects involved becoming the first stand-up comedian to perform in the virtual reality game Second Life. He managed to perform a stand up show in the game on February 3 2007.

His 8 DVDs sold over 1.5 million copies and he had hundreds of international shows along with regular invites to radio shows; he has been called one of the most dedicated comedians due to the hard work he puts in his writings and the making of his shows.

Those interested to buy tickets can find them on the website myticket.ro, in Diverta stores and at Sala Palatului. There are several categories when it comes to pricing. Tickets in sectors E,F and G have a price of 100 Lei, tickets in sectors A3 and C have a price of 150 Lei, tickets in sectors I,II and A2 have a price of 200lei and the A1 sector tickets have a price of 250 Lei.

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