Herastrau Park


Herastrau Park is a great way to spend time outdoors and admire nature during a casual stroll in Bucharest. The park is located in a very good area filled with bars and restaurant, so if you feel hungry or you want to grab a drink, everything is within reach. The park is situated in the north side of Bucharest and you can easily reach it with a taxi or by taking the metro to Aviatorilor station. It is the biggest park in Bucharest and it offers numerous attractions to those who visit it. Some of the things you can enjoy here are Herastrau Lake, where you can rent a boat and have a romantic outing with a loved one. There’s also a lovely summer theatre where people can enjoy contemporary or classical performances. In Herastrau area people can also enjoy the nautical club, sport clubs, clubs and even a lovely hotel. You can even fish here if you have a permit. So, there’s something for anyone and those who want to visit one of the prettiest parks in Bucharest should definitely come and visit.

Historically, the park was created in 1936 as people used to walk down to the lake. It’s initial name was The National Park. Later, other elements were added, such as the Expo Flora area, the Rose Island, or, in 1998, the fascinating Japanese Garden. Due to large planting efforts the Park features now hundreds of species of trees and flowers.

During winter, people can enjoy the numerous taverns, bars and cosy restaurants and also the skate ring. But in summer and spring the Park really becomes a lovely attraction. You can rent a boat and relax on the lake or, for a more exciting time, you can try bungee jumping.

For those looking for a more historical incursion, the Park also features some interesting monuments. For example, the Sleeping Nymph is a beautiful statue that was created in 1906 and it’s linked to an interesting local legend that you will have to discover on your own while visiting there. Other interesting monuments are the statues representing Hercules and Prometheus, both extremely valuable and quite lovely to look at.

Sleeping Nymph

Besides all these, just taking a stroll and enjoying the calm and lovely atmosphere in the park is enough to help you unwind after a whole day of walking through the busy city. It’s a great spot for people-watching or just hanging out with friends.

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