Dionysos Wine Bar

If you find yourself in Bucharest with a disposition for good quality wine and a relaxed atmosphere, the perfect place to go is Dionysos Wine Bar. The bar has a lovely atmosphere, an incredibly helpful staff and, the most important part; it has a grand selection of wines. This is also the perfect opportunity to try some of the most amazing Romanian wines. The bar is located in the historical center of Bucharest so it’s extremely easy to access. The location, one of the most prestigious in Bucharest, is filled with bars, restaurants and clubs so if you want to switch places, everything is a short stroll away. Also, Dionysos Wine Bar is the perfect way to start your evening before hitting the club.

The owners of this bar are truly invested in their business so if you are lucky you might find them there when you arrive. They will explain the types of wine they have and will also analyze your wine preferences to make sure that you get something you truly like. They will also pair your wine wonderfully with the selection of snacks they serve:  sausages, cheese or nuts. Besides wine, here you can try the traditional Romanian drink, called Palinca, an aromatic beverage made of plums.

The atmosphere is extremely cozy and the place is full most of the time so if you want to be sure you get a spot you should make a reservation beforehand. The staff here is friendly and will answer any questions you might have regarding the wines you want to drink and how to suitably pair them.

The bar offers numerous types of wines, from international wines, to artisan local wines that are really hard to find. The wine list, however, focuses more on Romanian and Italian wines so if you want to drink good Romanian wines you have to come here. You can admire their selection of wines right there in the bar as there is a whole wall covered with shelves that contain bottles of wine. The bar also allows guests to buy food from nearby places and bring it with them when they eat so it’s a great way to pair you wine with something savory that you can choose yourself.

Dionysos Wine Bar is one of those bars that either starts your evening on a fun tone or ends a lovely date with a glass of high-end wine.

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