AMC Kart Tunari

If you’re in the mood to do something that a traditional day out through Bucharest’s busy streets wouldn’t allow and yet do something which involves automobiles then you’re in luck. The AMC Kart Tunari offers all the fun of a professional kart track, now located just a few kilometers outside Bucharest.

This stunning race course is built on a 63,000 square meter plot of land and offers the only outdoor karting track in Bucharest with a length of 1,240 meters and a width which ranges between 8 and 10 meters. The track has been approved by FNAK and is certified by the International Karting Commission.

The track offers a level of difficulty which makes beginners have a great time while challenging more advanced drivers. Group events can be hosted here and the Track’s management team offers a special deal for Team Building or other Corporate activates. You can host your own competition and get access to a conference room, catering services and anything else a top class event might require.

The race track also includes a Technical Space which is 2,600 square meters large, a nighttime lighting system, paddocks for 200 karts and stands with a seating capacity of 500. So whether you want to have fun with friends or organize a big event for your company, you will be well looked after at AMCKart’s Tunari track.

But groups aren’t the only visitors welcomed at AMCKart’s track as single visitors can have a great time as well. Simply choose a kart, rent whatever equipment you need and push your limits or simply have fun on one of the best tracks in the country.

The track is opened Monday through Sunday starting at 10:00 a.m., so regardless of your schedule or working hours, you shouldn’t have a problem making time for your favorite racing activity. Tariffs range depending on the power of your kart. They start from 45 Ron / 10 minutes for a 6.5 hp kart, 65 Ron / 10 minutes for a 13 hp kart or 70 Ron / 10 minutes for a 9 hp Bipost Kart. If the nighttime lighting system is needed an extra 5 Ron per race, per person will be added to the overall price.

Youngsters or amateurs can also take advantage of the 5 lesson initiation course which consists of both practice as well as theory.

The track can be found east of Tunari village, just off the Bucharest Ring Road.

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