Advantages of Dental Tourism in Romania

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Besides other Eastern European countries, Romania has emerged during the last years as a top dental tourism destination, attracting patients from the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, etc. If the myth of Dracula appeals to some of its visitors, there are also those who come to visit the famous vampire’s country for totally different reasons – undergoing dental treatment procedures at a lot lower costs than they would have to pay in their own countries. Here are some of the advantages Romania offers on the steadily growing dental tourism market.

Modern facilities using the latest technology

Romania’s capital city, Bucharest is dotted with modern clinics performing complex dental procedures at the same standards as in Western Europe. Actually, once you stepped inside these clinics, you will forget on the spot that you are in an Eastern country. Modern looking interiors, top notch medical equipment and high quality materials are just few of those clinics’ advantages.

Half sliced dental treatment price

Given the high standard facilities, you might think the prices would be sky rocketing. However, this is far from being the truth. Just ask for a quote on a dental implant procedure from your clinic in the UK or Germany and you will see that Romanian prices are just half of it.

Friendly personnel and quality services

When entering those clinics, you will be welcomed with a smiley, but this is not all. The quality of service you get in Romania’s clinics is compliant with any Western standards.

Many Romanian dentists are trained in Western Europe

A member of the European community, Romania is part of students exchange programs that allow the future doctors to benefit from a few months or even a year or two of training in Western European universities.

Many Romanian dentists work abroad

Given the shortage of medical personnel, many Romanian doctors receive offers to work in Western European countries. This comes as recognition of their quality as professionals of the medical field.

You won’t meet any language barrier

Learning foreign languages has been a constant trend in Romania during the last two decades. The vast majority of the young generation speaks English, but you will find also people with French, Italian and German speaking skills. Clinics specializing in dental tourism make sure their personnel are able to respond to your linguistic needs.

You can discover Dracula’s country

As an extra, but at no extra cost, you will become acquainted with Dracula’s country. Although you won’t be able to meet the vampire in person, you can explore the country’s rich history through its landmarks and admire the breathtaking scenery the mountainous regions offer.

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