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Studying in Romania does not necessary mean that your kids have to learn Romanian.  Financially speaking, Romania is a cheap country to live in compared to other similar countries in Europe and that means that it is a great country to send your child to receive an education. Add the fact that in the Romanian capital, you can find some of the best English and French schools in the world.

Economic Reasoning

When it comes to the economic situation of Romania, it is worth noting that it is one of the cheapest countries in the European Union. Considering the low wages, with the average being somewhere around 400 euros a month, one can imagine that the cost of life is much lower in Romania than in other European countries, such as Spain or the United Kingdom. At the same time, while some food items may cost the same in Romania as in the rest of Europe, going out is much cheaper. From an economical point of view, Romania is the perfect destination for young people who want to study in a European country without having to save thousands of dollars to cover all expenses.


There are lots of schools in Bucharest where you can send your children to, that offer great programs. There are some that bear the sigil of famed educational institutions, where your child is bound to participate in programs that will enrich his knowledge in various subjects. Below are some examples of prestigious schools that exist in Bucharest and where you can send your child:

  1. Cambridge School Bucharest

Probably one of the most famous names when it comes to English educational institutions, the Cambridge School in Bucharest offers various programs for young people all over the world that are bound to support and encourage them to follow their dreams. The Cambridge School focuses on helping the students develop individual beliefs and not indoctrinate them into following ideologies or a specific set of beliefs. The school’s history goes back hundreds of years, therefore entrusting your child with them is one of the best decisions you can possibly make!

  1. American International School of Bucharest

While Cambridge is known to be a British educational institution, where the academics run things following the British rule, the American International School of Bucharest brings forth a new approach when it comes to academia. The school promotes social inclusion and international understanding, while at the same time focusing on the environment and it teaches the students how to think in an international context. If you want your child to learn how to think critically and how to adapt to an ever changing global society, this is the school for you.

  1. Lycée Français

The only school taught and supported by the French government in this list, Lycée Français is specialized in middle school and kindergarten levels of educations. Following the French educational model, this school focuses on exposing the children to many activities from which they can learn how to properly behave in life. The activities focus on the cognitive, sensory and social development of the child, while also improving self-esteem and guiding the child towards positive purposes in life. They also emphasize written and spoken French, grammar classes and reading classes which aim to bring the students close to the native level. Weekly ‘Councils’, as they are called, are meetings with the students which amount to more than 30+ hours a week, where the students are encouraged to state their own opinion regarding the courses and the teachers are able to follow up on how they are developing in order to see which areas require improvement and which need encouragement to move further.

  1. International School of Bucharest

Like most of the schools on this list, the International School of Bucharest is taught in English mainly and it focuses on the students’ role in a global context. Creativity is encouraged here and the teachers emphasize the importance of living peacefully in a complex and diverse global society. The school also takes security very seriously, having many policies that revolve around campus security and safety in the online environment.

  1. Mark Twain International School

The Mark Twain International School in Bucharest focuses primarily on the idea that every student is unique and has his or her own needs, which is why most of the programs are tailored individually to each student’s needs. Presenting an intercultural platform, the school focuses on teaching the students to value their own culture, while also respecting others’. The programs are taught in English, but combined with other cultural and language studies on international languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew and many others. The main mission of the school is to help all students understand that they are part of an international community and that although people are diverse in terms of culture, language, religion and others, all of us can live happily and without conflict.

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