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Bucharest Leads In New Building Authorization

The real estate market in Romania and especially that in its capital city, Bucharest, has registered impressive growth in the last year with expectations for 2015 being quite high. After a period of seemingly endless stagnation with little to no reason for optimism, it seems that the real estate market registered a much needed growth in 2014. While there are numerous reasons behind the growth, some of the...


Best Bucharest Neighborhoods Property Value

A good neighborhood doesn’t just improve the day to day life of its inhabitants but also guarantees that their property will maintain its market value or even increase it. It also guarantees that said property can be sold for a profit, regardless of market conditions or demand levels. Despite popular belief, a good neighborhood isn’t necessarily a centrally located one or an exclusive and detached one...

Bucharest Real Estate Market in 2014

Real estate markets are predictable and work according to graphics. Crises can usually be forecasted by analyzing other markets that have gone through similar evolutions and so are recoveries from crisis. 7 years after the big crisis Bucharest’ real estate market underwent in 2007, the year 2014 seems to be a bit more optimistic than the previous ones. Studies have shown that every seven years...

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